As long as Social Distancing rules are in place, we will provide a quality environment for all of our services for adults and children to enjoy online.

Chess will improve problem solving ability, increase powers of concentration, improve strategic thinking skills and significantly enhance the brains overall executive cognitive functions.

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Parents Say:

"They have a warm, encouraging environment for children. The teachers are excellent instructors and have a wonderful manor with children."


"My daughter already knew the basic rules of chess, but in one week of camp at NY Chess & Game, she became a very strong and passionate player. The counselors are very attentive and the focus is on teaching."


"My almost 6 year old son is enrolled for a few weeks this summer and he LOVES it. He started teaching us what he learned on the first day of camp- and it continues. We play chess together often and we are thrilled with how quickly he is picking up the game of chess. He asked to go to their after school as well so we are signing him up for that for the Fall."


A structured day of fun interactive learning and play for children beginning at 5 years old. All the magic of "real camp" including lots of personal attention and care.

  • Professional chess lessons and practice

  • Chess tournaments and events

  • A balanced variety of alternative board games and strategy games

  • Virtual trips

  • Guided movement and physical activity

  • Teacher guided creative design, art and casual computer design fun such as web site design, t shirt / sneaker design, musical fun and

  • video workshops using free software applications.

  • Individual group "rooms"

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Chess classes will quickly improve your skill level, your playing strength and rating. Your chess classes will also improve your memory, help prevent or combat Dementia and Alzheimer's and problem solving ability, increase powers of concentration, improve strategic thinking skills.

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